The Bookstore

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Nestled in the corner of the auto court on the way to the Library and West Hollywood Park and adjacent to City Council chambers is one of the most interesting and well stocked used bookstores you will ever visit. Filled with donated books and staffed by volunteers, The Friends of the West Hollywood Library Bookstore is open six days a week.  Many of the more than 25 volunteers who helped to get the bookstore up and running are still with us and together we’ve kept the store open for business 7,500 hours since January 2012.

All items in the store are donations, including a world-class collection of comic books, vintage paperbacks, art libraries, signed first editions, children’s books, plays and poetry, current bestsellers and books from Warren Christopher’s personal library.

The store stocks hardback books, paperback books, DVDs, CDs, audiobooks and many signed editions.  Specialty areas include Hollywood and the entertainment Industry, art and photography, self-help and spirituality, and a selection of classic Penguin and Vintage Press paperbacks.

All book donations are culled and cleaned.  More esoteric items are evaluated and priced by an expert volunteer. Some items are sold on the Friends’ Amazon site (See Below.) Donations are tax deductible (See Below) and all proceeds go to the library. Stop by and browse in West Hollywood’s great little bookstore.

Check for sales and special events on Facebook and our website

Contact us at for information about volunteer opportunities, hours of operation and donation policy.

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Hours of Operation

MondayFriday            1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Saturday                            10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Sunday                                Closed