Donation Policy

The Friends of the West Hollywood welcomes donated materials.  Items that can be included in the library’s collections such as current year publications, items with a waiting list, DVDs, Audiobooks, and certain categories of publication are usually added to the library collection.  Those that are not accepted by the library are given to the Friends and are sold in the bookstore, sold on the Friends’ Amazon site, donated to a social service or health care agency, or recycled.  In the past contributions have been passed along to hospices, veterans’ hospitals, shelters for homeless women  and children, food pantries, senior centers, college fairs, and national night out (NNO).





 Donations are accepted at the Friends’ bookstore or the West Hollywood Library customer service desk during hours of operation only. Please bring donations during library or bookstore open hours in small boxes or bags that can be easily carried. The Friends are not able to pick up donations from a person’s home and are unable to carry boxes into the library from vehicles.

Because of limitations of space, money and staff, the Friends reserve the right to accept or discard, at their discretion, any donated materials.

We cannot accept items that are in poor condition: The following list describes examples of poor condition:

  • Dirty, dusty items

  • Stained, water damaged, mildewed items

  • Materials with excessive notes or highlighting

  • Scratched or worn media

In addition, we do not accept:

  • Magazines

  • VHS tapes

  • Encyclopedias

  • Outdated medical and travel books

  • Old textbooks

 Donated items are non-returnable.

Contributions are tax deductible.   However, by law, the Friends cannot determine the value of a donation for IRS purposes. We will provide a form acknowledging the donation you made to the library.  

Outdoor book sale

Outdoor book sale